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      Merrillchip's environmental control system effectively protects components in our global operations
      Time:2020-02-25 15:47:10View count:182

      Merrillchip's operating facilities remain cool and stable, regardless of the weather, although summers are heating up in the northern hemisphere.Merrillchip global operations center's environmental control system effectively controls and monitors the environment to ensure that components are maintained at appropriate temperature and humidity levels.


      "Our customers rely on us to protect their components from the time a shipment arrives at our facility until they are safely packaged and shipped to their destination," says Merrillchip's vice President of operations and quality for North America and the European Union.

      Merrillchip's regional headquarters are in Houston, Texas, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.The system allows us to maintain temperatures at each location between 68 and 74°F (20-23.3°C) and relative humidity between 30% and 70%.Temperature and humidity sensors are located throughout the warehouse area to effectively measure environmental conditions in real time.These sensors are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that components are kept in optimal condition.If the temperature or humidity is not up to scratch, Merrillchip's control system will issue an alert immediately notifying the warehouse management department of the non-conformance.To prevent external conditions from affecting the internal climate, a notification is also sent when the door is opened.

      "Merrillchip has invested sufficient resources in the system to prevent the exposure of our components and to support long-term operations. In addition, we can view the environmental conditions of the entire facility on a customized display system screen. This is important for both the client and our facility management team," said merrill.


      High temperatures and dampness are customary for Merrillchip, with average monthly highs between 91.4 and 94.5°F (33-34.7°C) in the summer, and annual relative humidity above 70%.Smith's operations center is designed to protect components from the worst summer weather.

      When electronic components are stored in hot or humid environments, they can be irreparably damaged.As the ambient temperature increases, the material in the element expands at an uneven rate, resulting in pressure, cracks, and deformation.In addition, continued exposure to high relative humidity levels can degrade and corrode components, resulting in loss of conductivity and resistance factors and short circuits.However, when the relative humidity level becomes too low, static electricity can accumulate, resulting in static discharge and permanent failure of the component.

      To protect our products from static electricity damage, all distribution centers of Merrillchip are ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified, so all components are supplied with ESD safety materials and disposed of in accordance with ESD safety procedures.In addition, Merrillchip packages its components in conductive foam or other custom packaging to ensure that appropriate relative humidity levels are maintained even after transport.

      "Customers around the world look to us for reliable, high-quality products. From the moment we receive the components in the warehouse until the customer opens the packaging, we have a responsibility to ensure that the components are maintained in optimal condition. We follow and exceed the highest standards in every industry to achieve this."